Combine with Santa Fe

Enjoy a stay in our Santa Fe vacation rental before or after visiting Cliff River Springs.



~The Very Best of New Mexico ~
a town + country  travel experience

If you’d like to experience exquisite Southwestern culture, food, art and history, as well as stunning landscapes, wildlife, views and beauty in one trip…we can make it happen.

Introducing Casa Amarilla, our very own, very private, walk-to-Plaza 2-bedroom historic adobe home in the heart of downtown Santa Fe – a UNESCO Creative City, art mecca, and the oldest (and highest state capitol) in the United States.

Try on this idea for size:

Days in Santa Fe shopping, visiting museums, going to the Opera, dining out, and enjoying any one of the dozen or so cultural events Santa Fe hosts every summer FOLLOWED BY days in the country swimming, star-gazing, bird watching, spa soaking, hammock lazing and hiking…Or vice versa!

Sound like fun?

Something for everyone + more than you can imagine.

Book Casa Amarilla in Santa Fe before or after the casita you reserve at Cliff River Springs and the transition will be seamless. No more having to choose between nights on the town and days along the river. Experience them both and you’ll have achieved a one-of-a-kind New Mexico travel experience.

Here’s how to put it together:

  • Figure out when you want to visit and decide how many days to spend in Santa Fe at Casa Amarilla vs. how many days to spend at Cliff River Springs on our 1200-acre ranch. You know there’s a ton to do in Santa Fe. Take a look at our sample Itineraries to get a sense of how much there is to do at Cliff River Springs. (Don’t forget to build in time for relaxing and doing nothing.)
  • Make adjustments to your dates as necessary. (If Casa Amarilla’s unavailable when you want it, just call us. We can highly recommend two beautiful Santa Fe homes that are right next door.)
  • Return to both sites and make your reservations! Or call us at 505-583-0002 and we’ll work with you to get it done.

Better than the best of both worlds…

Not only will you experience New Mexico’s near wilderness in a way few people have, but you’ll get to enjoy the unique art and culture of the City Different…in the same vacation. Knowing that in both places the same team is looking out for your comfort and enjoyment is a big plus, too. We’re going to make it easy for you.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Santa Fe and Cliff River Springs!

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