The best deals for getting the most time at Cliff River Springs.

Season Passes – Your key to a summer house in the country

Have you ever treated yourself to a season pass at a ski resort? If so, you know the attraction is getting as much time possible on the slopes, at a great price. Our season passes work much the same way, only what we offer is generous access to a country house of your choosing, on land of incomparable beauty, at a discounted rate. Plan now and you’ll have a solution in place for escaping the inevitable crowds of tourists, summer traffic and summer heat.

Here’s how it works. Purchase a season pass for one of our most spacious casitas and enjoy it for 10 nights any time during our February 1 – November 21 season. Save hundreds of dollars over 10 nights booked at our regular weekday and weekend rates. Enjoy the flexibility of staying in your casita for any combination of nights up to 10 as long

as you book two nights, minimum.
Here’s an example. Purchase the season pass for Plaza House and stay for two nights five times, or enjoy two 4-night stays plus one weekend, or come for five days in June and five days in October. Lots of options! We offer one season pass for Upper Stream, Lower Stream, Plaza House and Wood House so supplies really are limited. After you purchase your pass make sure you get your casita for the days you want by booking well in advance.

Now is the time to sweeten your summer! Contact us to grab the season pass for your favorite casita today.


Season Pass Pricing by Casita for 2 people (except Lower Stream which sleeps 4):


PLAZA HOUSE  Season Pass $1250
($62.50 pp per night, save $250 – $500)
UPPER STREAM Season Pass $1750
($87.50 pp per night, save $200 – $500)
LOWER STREAM  Season Pass $1650
($41 pp per night for 4, save $200 – $450)


WOOD HOUSE  Season Pass $1200
($60 pp per night, save $150 – $350)

Season Passes Make Sense For New Mexicans!

  • When the every week tourist event in Santa Fe starts wearing thin and you want to escape…
  • When summer traffic on Taos’ main drag starts getting to you and you want to escape…
  • When the temperatures start to soar in Albuquerque and you want to escape…
  • When you want more of summer and the great outdoors than you can cram into a weekend…
  • When you can’t afford to travel far on vacation, but want to really get away…
  • When you and your horse yearn for the forests and mountains of north central New Mexico…

Give yourself a house in the country this summer. Ask us about a casita season pass today. And remember – one pass per casita per season, first come first served.


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