The Pond

A Blessing

It hardly needs saying that having water in the desert available for wildlife, farming and human enjoyment is a precious thing indeed. To appreciate what a cooling gift our pond is, float into the middle of its jade waters and look up through the cottonwoods at the parched La Madera range. Cactii and lizards are about all that survive up there…but here at the pond life teems. An antiseptic, chlorinated pool the pond is not. What it is is alive, and in its water we come alive.
Bullfrogs and dragonflies carry on whether we humans are present or not. Doves, hummingbirds, titmice and phoebes nest around its banks. At dusk, nighthawks, bats and swallows feed. And when the sun has dropped, constellations mirror in the water’s surface… A swim in the pond changes your disposition, quiets your mind, and refreshes your soul. Just sitting by it, watching the interplay of light and breeze, is pure joy.

Pond photo


All water is holy water. ~ Rajiv Joseph


The Spring

Ancient water from deep within the earth combines with groundwater from rainfall and snow melt to create the mineral-rich springs for which this area is known. The source of water for the pond is the Mother Spring, a steadily flowing natural spring located a half mile to the north. Rising along fault lines to emerge at the surface through vents, the Mother Spring travels
downhill through a buried pipe to “the valve” where it surfaces again into a open ditch, or acequia. This acequia flows behind the casitas to the pond, diverting water along the way to irrigate the Plaza, as well as garlic and melon fields. (Be sure to explore Acequia Walk, the short path running from the little bridge off the parking lot to the valve.)


It takes less than two minutes to walk to the pond from any of the casitas. Make your reservation today.

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