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Overnight Stabling for Riders in Search of Adventure in Northern New Mexico



Just ten minutes west of Cliff River Springs, on NM 554, lies the historic village of El Rito. One of the first Spanish settlements in Northern New Mexico, El Rito is surrounded by Carson National Forest. It’s here that farrier Kardy Martinez operates El Rito Horse Boarding to provide overnight stabling for our guests. Located between the North-South routes US 285 and US 84, his stable is easy to get to. With 24-hour security and an on-call vet, guests can leave their animals, tack and rig in Kardy’s expert care with peace of mind before heading over to check in at Cliff River
Springs. After settling into your casita, return to saddle up and ride directly from Kardy’s place onto Carson National Forest’s sweeping plains. El Rito Horse Boarding is the only overnight stabling facility providing ride-to access to hundreds of thousands of acres of open Carson forest and wilderness. Or, if riding the high country is what you’re after, load up and trailer just a short distance north to experience some of the Southwest’s finest mountain scenery.


To ride a horse is to ride the sky. – Author Unknown

Carson National Forest
El Rito Horse Boarding asks that you bring your own feed. Fees are $50/night for 1 horse, $75/night for 2 horses and $100/night for 3. Limit of 3 horses per night. Facility includes:

  • secure locked lot
  • indoor stable w/ stalls for 3 horses
  • round pen w/ horse shelter
  • trailer & tack storage
  • 24-hr on site security
  • 24-vet on call
  • 24-hr farrier on call
  • ride off into National Forest

We’re thrilled to offer our horse-loving guests a way to experience this beautiful country in the best possible way – on horseback. El Rito Horse Boarding’s proximity to Cliff River Springs makes it the ideal solution for riders interested in exploring Northern New Mexico with their special equine companion without sacrificing human creature comfort.

Reserve your casita at Cliff River Springs and then contact Kardy Martinez to arrange accommodations for your horse(s) at El Rito Horse Boarding. Email, or call 505-927-3347. It’s that easy.

And, remember, nothing soothes tired bones better after a long day’s ride than a swim in the pond.

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